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Doulos Design takes it’s name from the Apostle Paul’s self description in the New Testament.  In Romans 1:1 Paul chose the word  “doulos” which means servant or bond slave to describe his relationship to Jesus Christ.  The vision of Doulos Design is to be a servant to others who are serving God and His purposes.  We provide low or no cost graphic design, website, and desktop publishing services to ministries and good works that might not otherwise be able to afford them.  If you have access to Graphic Design services and can afford to pay for them that’s great; if you do not, Doulos Design exists specifically to assist you with graphic arts and visual communications services in accomplishing the ministry God has called you to.


Jim Klinger

Doulos Design - James Klinger -  2408 Christopher Drive, Cato, New York 13033

Phone: 315.699.6207 - Email: jaklinger@doulosdesign.org